Today is a moving day so just a short walk in the morning, then pack up for the off. We have been staying on Collacott Farm CL just outside of Fremington. We have been treated to a week of great views over the River Taw. May who runs the CL has lived on the farm all of her life and during one of our chats she told me that she has never tired of the view and sees little point in going on holiday when she lives in such a place.

Her son now runs the farm and she looks after her garden and the caravanners. The site has been going for a long time and May says she loves meeting all the people who visit. You often hear people say things like that, but in May’s case you know it is a genuine comment.

During our stay May was constantly working in her garden, with her collie and cat close by. Her passion is stoneware and she has an amazing collection, pride of place goes to Rex the Retriever standing guard in front of the house, there is also Max the Mastiff who is about to be relocated opposite Rex so that he can share the guard duties.

In the field opposite our pitch were three alpacas, Sooty, Benedict and Fudge. They of course were the focus of Lyn’s photographic skills. We have enjoyed our stay in this beautiful spot in North Devon and no doubt will return in the future.


All packed up we head east towards Somerset and our next pitch just outside of Taunton.

6th May 2014

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