2021 Miles For Trussell Trust

I am not prone to making New Year resolutions.  However, 2018 seemed a good time to take on a challenge! During the year I would turn sixty and I wanted to mark this milestone in a memorable way.

After some thought I arrived at the idea of walking 2,018 “boots on” miles in 2018. To reach this target I would have to average five and a half miles per day throughout the year.  Not too challenging for a day, or a week, but for a year it certainly is! 2,018 miles is equivalent to walking from Lands End to John O’Groats and two thirds of the way back.

If I was going to undertake such a challenge it seemed sensible to combine it with fundraising for charity.   Living close to Salisbury I have followed and supported the development of the The Trussell Trust, it’s network of food banks are vital in assisting those in poverty within our society. Equally important is their lobbying and campaigning to influence Government and change social policy.

By the end of 2018 I had walked 2,228 miles and covered over 250,000 feet of ascent, which is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest eight times! More importantly I had raised over £2,018 for the Trussell Trust.

In 2019 I decided to continue walking, this time with the target of 2,019 “boots on” miles. I reached my mileage total in November and by the end of the year had walked 2,231 miles and my fundraising total passed £3,400.

In 2020 I carried on walking to support the Trussell Trust with the target of walking 2,020 miles.  Despite the covid 19 restrictions I managed walk further than in previous years and with a total of 2,542 and my fundraising over three years had passed £5,500.

Now in 2021 sadly the need for the work of the Trussell Trust has increased, so I am once again taking on the challenge to walk the year.  You can follow my progress #Walk2021Miles challenge on my Twitter feed @2DogsAwning

You can support my fundraising for the Trussell Trust by donating on my  JustGiving Page  

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