Walk the Year for the Trussell Trust

The arrival of 2024 saw the start of my seventh successive “Walk the Year Challenge”.  It started back in 2018 when I was seeking a way to mark my 60th birthday.  Like many I wanted to mark this milestone by doing something memorable.  Initially I considered tackling a long distance trail but concluded I wanted to do something that involved walking throughout the year and in doing so raise some money for my chosen charity The Trussell Trust.

I needed to do something that would challenge me personally.  After much thought the idea of walking 2,018 miles in 2018 was hatched. To achieve this feat I needed to walk an average of 5.5 miles every day.

Walking 5.5 miles a day does not sound too challenging for a week or a month, but doing it for 365 days a year is a different matter!  Only “boots on” miles count towards the target, so I exclude trips to the shops and other everyday outings.  

Walking in the countryside helps me physically and mentally and is key to keeping my head on the right way around.  Much of my walking is done on my own accompanied by my dog Crosby, in the early years I also had the company of Dexter my black Labrador, sadly no longer with us.  

My total mileage now exceeds 15,000 miles with the following annual totals:

  • 2018 = 2,228 miles
  • 2019 = 2,231 miles
  • 2020 = 2,542 miles
  • 2021 = 3,005 miles
  • 2022 = 2,441 miles
  • 2023 = 2,587 miles

You can follow my progress on my Walk 2024 Miles challenge on Instagram @twodogsandanawning

To date I have raised £10,396 (including Gift Aid).  You can support my fundraising for the Trussell Trust by donating on my  JustGiving Page  

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