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Here are some of our recent blogs from our travels.

Along the Tarka Trail from East Yarde

Today Crosby and I are back on the Tarka Trail, our starting point is the small hamlet of East Yarde a few miles outside of Great Torrington.


A Wander Around Appledore

After my lengthy walk yesterday we decide on a quiet day, only strolling into Appledore so Lynnie can “bag” another Hockings Ice Cream van.  From previous visits she knows one parks near the quay and it seems to have been calling her for the ...

Bagging A Trig Point From Seabreeze CL

Today I am walking from Seabreeze CL, unfortunately, these days Dexter cannot walk far on consecutive days, so he is going to stay with Lynnie and relax whilst Crosby and I go in search of another trig point.

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