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Here are some of our recent blogs from our travels.

Interactive Map of My 204 Trig Pillars

For many years a key feature of my walking has been to visit Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars, also known as trig points.  These pillars were introduced in 1935 in a project led by Brigadier Martin Hotine and for many years were essential in...


Droves and Trig Pillars on Cranborne Chase

Today I am heading back onto Cranborne Chase with two of my walking buddies, Mandy and Ged.  Over the last year we have walked regularly together and explored parts of the local area I have not previously walked. ...

From Settle to Winskill and Sugar Loaf

We are nearing the end of our current trip to Brigholme Farm CL, but still have time to fit in another of our favourite walks from the site.

Leaving Brigholme Farm CL we...

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