Recent Posts

Here are some of our recent blogs from our travels.

A Roman Road and Droves from Martin Down

I continue to look for new locations to walk whilst staying close to home.  Until now I have coped better than I anticipated with not getting away in the caravan, but I still need some variation in my walking.  F...

Three OS Trigs and The Pewsey White Horse

Now that the lock down restrictions have been lifted I am starting to undertake some walks a bit further from home.  I am not driving far, but within twenty miles of home there are numerous places I haven’t walked.&...

Interactive Map of My 211 Trig Pillars

For many years a key feature of my walking has been to visit Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars, also known as trig points.  These pillars were introduced in 1935 in a project led by Brigadier Martin Hotine and for many years were essential in...

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