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When we toured in 2014 we spent a week at Paxton House, a few miles outside of Berwick-upon-Tweed. It was a memorable week and one of our favourites of the whole summer, so when we sat down to plan this tour we decided that it would be an ideal staging post for a trip to Scotland.

Paxton is in Scotland, a fact that you cannot mistake, for as soon as you reach the border there are signs welcoming you to the Country. It is interesting to note that there are no signs on the opposite side of the road welcoming folk to England.

I am left pondering why those in charge of signs don’t want to welcome people to England, perhaps it’s because the folk north of the border have things sorted (just look at the way they have invested in public services) and few people who have spent time in Scotland would want to head south. As an Englishman who has spent most of his life in Wiltshire the only reason I can see for not living in Scotland is that it is bloody cold! Apart from that everything is in favour of heading north.

Since we last visited Paxton House the site has changed from a CL with five pitches to a site with fifteen. There is ample space for all the new pitches, it is set in an old walled garden and frankly if there were thirty vans it wouldn’t be cramped.

As well as all the fantastic places nearby one of the reasons we really liked staying here was the access to the grounds and the banks of the River Tweed, even when the grounds were closed to day visitors. So as soon as we are sorted we go for a wander.


I have always been cautious about returning to places that we have previously enjoyed, there is always that risk that you will be disappointed the second time around when it doesn’t live up to expectations. As we walk through the wild garlic to the River we know we are going to enjoy the coming week.


The path leads down to the Tweed and this really is a stunning spot. I like hills and panoramic views but this ranks as one of my favourite spots, I could just sit and watch the river flow. I have never understood fishing, but if it means you can sit in a place like this all day I might take it up soon.

Ambling along we come to a view of the Union Suspension bridge. I have previously blogged about this so will not go into detail again, but it is a stunning (and historic) bit of engineering.


We head up through the well garden giving Lynnie a chance to take pictures of flowers.


At the top of the hill we reach the house, a fine building. Perhaps this time we will manage a tour of the inside.


Our stroll around the garden has confirmed that we were right to return to Paxton House.. I can hardly wait for my early morning walk with the boys, it is often a good time to watch wildlife along the river.

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16th May 2016

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