Jam About

Our last day in the Peak District and I have some work to get done, so we spend much of the day around the site and preparing for an early start tomorrow. There is rain about so the awning comes down early to avoid getting it wet.

Mid afternoon we set off for a jam about. Walking from the site we head along the lanes to Priestcliffe and at Lydgate Farm take the footpath on our right leading us down to a track. We turn left and wander along the slightly overgrown route (a bit of a challenge in shorts) eventually bringing us out at the A6. We cross the road and join the track on the opposite side that takes us into Taddington.

Before the A6 by-pass this must have been a busy village and signs of past trade still exist, for example the Old Butchers Shop with its rails for hanging meat outside, the shop is now converted to a home. Now there is little traffic passing through and you get the feel that though a much quieter village, the by-pass has taken some of the heart out of the community. Mind you it would be no fun living here with the lorries from the local quarries driving down the main street.

We mooch about for a bit and then head out of the village, passing the school and crossing the main A6 to follow the road back to Blackwell Hall and finish packing up for our moving day.

[To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Map Outdoor Leisure Map 24 – The Peak District – White Peak Area]

30th July 2014

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