In Search of Wi-Fi

One of the challenges we have encountered on our travels is finding places with Wi-Fi or a decent phone signal so we can upload our blogs. The beauty of staying on CLs is that many are set in very rural locations, the flip side is they often have poor phone signals. Occasionally we strike lucky with a good local pub that has Wi-Fi access, but last week the local closed early in the evenings and here the nearest pub is not the most salubrious place to sit with a laptop.

Yesterday evening we went in search of a pub and travelled miles. Most were closed down and those that were open did not have Wi-Fi access. So our quest before the end of today is to find a pub that we can spend an hour or two in uploading blogs and sending e-mails.

We drive off to Silloth, this is the nearest local town. It is a sunny day and there are a few folk about so we continue on down the coast to Mawbray Bank and walk in the dunes. There is a plethora of wild flowers and different grasses, Lynnie counts at least sixty different varieties. Sheltered from the brisk breeze this a warm spot to spend an hour or so strolling about.

Back in the car we continue down the coast to Allonby, with the tide receding there is a wide expanse of sand, we pull into a car park and I take the boys onto the beach to chase after tennis balls. Meanwhile Lynnie pursues her usual beach combing activities in the search of more ‘treasure’. Her collection of shells and pebbles is growing and will need to be off loaded when we get back to Salisbury in a few weeks time.

We head off in search of a pub. There is one in land at Plumbland that won a Camera Award a couple of years ago, we decide this will be a good option. After a drive through country lanes we reach said pub only to find it has closed down!

Finally we arrive at the Greyhound at Bothel. It is open, has Wi-Fi and serves a cracking pint of Jennings. It meets all our needs, time to upload some of our backlog of blogs!

13th July 2014

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