Heading Into Storms

After four nights in Louth we are moving on. We have enjoyed the town of Louth and the Wolds. Our stay on Happyford CL has been pleasant. The information hut on the site has been helpful and the spacious site has views across the valley. I am not sure that this is an area we will be visiting again, but if we did we would happily stay on this site.

It is a good trip to Settle from Louth, the best part of three hours on a fine day. Today it is not fine, whilst on the M62 the rain is torrential, the like of which I have not driven in for such a distance. Extremely unpleasant with lorries hammering by us and lots of spray on the road. After about thirty-five minutes it stops and we then have an interesting tour through Bradford.

Usually when we set off we look at the road map and plan our route, but the journey from the motorway to Settle is one we have done on a number of occasions. Today I have the sat-nav on and it tells me to go clockwise around the ring-road (I usually go anti-clockwise), thinking I have been doing it wrong all these years I follow the sat-nav and we then find ourselves going through residential streets. Okay in the car but not so good towing the Unicorn.

When we eventually arrive in Settle it is a blowy afternoon so a bit of a challenge with the awning, but with some difficulty it goes up. Time to plan some hill walking!

9th June 2014

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