Thunder and Lightning

We are going to be in Settle for a couple of weeks so time to stock up on provisions and have a bit of a sort out in the Unicorn. After a morning around the van it is time to get the boots on. I have a walk planned that involves a bit of a climb.

Lynnie is looking out and suggests that it is so “black over Will’s” that we might be in for a drop of rain. There is a distant rumble of thunder but it is clear to me from the way the wind is blowing and the cloud movement that it will pass us by and go up the next valley. Lyn states she is not going out walking and suggests that if I go on my own and get struck by lightning she will be very annoyed. I suppose if that were to happen I would not be best pleased myself.

Ten minutes later there is an almighty crack of thunder and fork lightning shoots across the sky. Lyn sits rather smug as the rain rattles away on the roof of the Unicorn. I say nothing, but know that Lynnie has banked this for the future.

Eventually the rain stops, Lynnie is not convinced that we will not get more, so going up high is out of the question. Instead we wander through Settle and pick up the footpath that leads towards Attimire Scrag, once in the fields we take the path that goes under Blua Crags and then take the left fork to drop down into Langcliffe.


Langcliffe is an attractive Dales village, I have walked through it a number of times and on every occasion the barking of dogs from the boarding kennels has spoiled the tranquility of the village. Just outside of Langcliffe are the remains of a Hoffman Kiln, we will visit this another time.



Back in Settle we meet up with our dear friend Maurice and his daughter Julie and partner Steve, Julie and Steve are over from Spain for a brief visit. We meet for a pub meal at The Talbot and get to sample some local ale. Later Maurice’s other daughter Jane and her partner Carl join us. A cracking evening amongst old friends.

To view this 4 mile walk on OS Maps Click Here

10th June 2014

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