Greenhouse Envy

One of the things we have noticed since travelling is that we forget which day of the week it is. We decide that today must be Friday. I have also stopped wearing a watch, time does not matter anymore, the dogs tell us when to get up.

However, today we do need to be at the New Inn by 12.00 to meet up with Lyn’s Uncle Derrick, his mate Dick and Lyn’s cousin Lynda and her husband John. We have an enjoyable lunch and a good catch up. I am on soft drinks as we have a trip planned.

A short drive along the A39 brings us to Arlington Court, another National Trust property (we are getting good value out the Christmas present). We are able to take the dogs everywhere except the house. Luckily I don’t think they are that interested in wandering around the house looking at a collection of sea shells.

Arlington houses an impressive collection of carriages including the Speaker’s State Coach, last used at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. To me the more common carriages are of greater interest, I hadn’t appreciated that there were so many different types.

Arlington has extensive land surrounding the property and we set off for a stroll around one of the trails. Soon into woodland, a very tranquil setting and all four of us enjoy the relaxed pace as we slowly work off the generous lunch. Just over an hour later we are back at the house and decide to visit the gardens.

At home I have a good size greenhouse and gardening friends are envious. The greenhouse at Arlington Court has the same effect on me. It is often the simple things that you notice when visiting gardens that are worth trying at home. I spot some good ideas, I just hope I can remember them by the time I return to my garden.

We wander around the church before taking the scenic route back via Coombe Martin and Ilfracombe. As we approach the New Inn it turns 6.30, just the right time for a sharpener. We pop in for a pint of Doombar and plan our weekend whilst the early evening drinkers are relaxing at the end of their week.

At home during the winter I often pop out with Dad on a Friday evening for a couple of pints ‘early doors’. We either go to the Hook and Glove at Farley, a proper country pub and a favourite of mine, or the Silver Plough at the end of our lane. When we return I will have plenty of tales to share with friends in both pubs. Cheers!

2nd May 2014

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