Frost and Sun

We have just spent our first night in the Unicorn after moving more of our possessions out of our home. We moved the van onto the site during the afternoon and then returned for a few more hours of packing.

Returning to the Unicorn at 23.30 to find it very cold. Thankfully the heating system soon kicks in to take the chill off and we climb into bed, albeit with thick socks on! A reminder of a childhood with no central heating and tiled floors, waking to frost on the inside of windows. Something that our children find hard to believe, but gives an indication that we were both born in the 1950’s.

Dexter being the old hand at caravanning is soon curled up. However, the young alert Crosby is initially fazed by the sound of horses in the nearby stables, but he soon decides that the chance to sleep in a small metal box with his Mum and Dad is not something worthy of complaint.

The reward in the morning, for the dogs and me, is a walk through frosty fields with the sun seeking to burn off the fog. A taste of things to come, but first there is still the small matter of moving the rest of the house contents before we set off on the open road.

26th March 2014

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  1. Mark stewart

    Enjoying your blog Lynne & Freddie. What a great thing to do, I hope you have a really good time which I’m sure you will. It must be a Pitton thing to turn us into Gypsies.
    All the very best my dear friends, keep safe and well. Love Mazz

  2. Paula Preston

    Looking forward to following your adventures. Stay warm and have fun xxx

  3. Robin and Jane

    Your move to the caravan sounds similar to ours arriving late at night in the freezing cold having finally cleaned and emptied the house. We cheated and left our cat with a neighbour until we were ready to take her with us to France with all our other possessions.

    Good luck with your adventure.

  4. us(already)upnarth

    Congrats! Will be with you all the way. Blog on. xx

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