Walking to Leygrove’s Wood from Cholsey Grange

Over the last few days I have walked many routes I have previously taken whilst staying at Cholsey Grange.  Today is another walk from the site but this time exploring paths we have not walked before.

We leave Cholsey Grange by joining the footpath that runs along the south side of the site and walk downhill into the woods of Twigside Bottom.  On reaching the footpath that runs through the bottom of the valley we turn left and then almost immediately right to follow a marked path heading steeply uphill through the trees.

At the top of the hill the path continues besides an arable field.

The path runs across the next field in an easterly direction before going through a hedge into another field to emerge on to a minor road, Chequers Lane.  We turn left and walk to the B482 Marlow Road, here we turn right and then almost immediately left along Bigmore Lane, which soon crosses the busy M40.

We pass Greendale Farm on our left and then ignore a footpath on the right instead keeping on the road to pass Bigmore Farm to our right and the entrance to Gibbon’s Farm on our left.  Now the road sweeps to the right and then to the left, here we take a footpath sign on the right starting at the entrance to the driveway to Dell’s Farm but then quickly, in front of metal gates, turns right to cross fields to reach Leygrove’s Wood.

We follow the footpath through the woods.  It is a warm afternoon and we are grateful for the shade provided by the trees.

At a crossing of paths we keep straight on along a well-worn route to reach a made up track through the woods where we turn right following this route to reach a tunnel under the M40.  After the tunnel we continue on the track as it heads up to a car parking area besides a school.

We turn right along the side of the B482 Marlow Road passing the school and then crossing the road to walk down the lane to Cadmore End to reach the church of St Mary le Moor.

After passing the church we turn right to follow a footpath out of the village and then on reaching a junction of paths turn left to walk down a track to Hanger Wood.  Soon after entering the wood the track forks and we keep to the right and then a few hundred yards further on take a footpath on the right which heads through the trees before descending to reach a field of pasture.

Entering the field the views along the valley are stunning.

The path heads along the edge of the field steeply downhill to a minor road, Chequers Lane, where we turn right and then very soon after left along a track with footpath way-markers.  We follow this track through the bottom of the valley until we reach the point where we had earlier walked down from Cholsey Grange Farm.  Now we turn left and head back uphill to the caravan site.

Our walk has been just over seven miles during which we have not seen a single person.  It is amazing that this is so close to large residential areas but so few people appear to “Get Outside”.  I suppose I should not complain, it means it is more peaceful for those of us who do want to enjoy the countryside.

To view this 7 mile route on OS Maps Click Here

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West.

19th August 2018

© Two Dogs and an Awning (2018)



  1. Lilian Snow

    I actually like that your dogs do pretty well going uphill. Mine is usually a struggle to even go through steep roads! I can’t even imagine what would happen if I was to take it close to a hill.

  2. Smith Oliver

    You guys are doing great here! Keep it up because a lot of us are encouraged to do this once in a while even though we may not reach half of this but it’s still a good start to motivation.

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