A Six-Mile Circuit to North End from Cholsey Grange

Today I am walking on my own and have decided to explore a few paths close to Cholsey Grange I haven’t previously walked, this is a hard task because over the years I have covered most paths in the area.

I leave the caravan site at Cholsey Grange by heading north-easterly along the farm track and then turn left to head downhill to meet the footpath running from Ibstone to Penley Wood.  I head straight across along the edge of the field to reach a footpath where I turn left and head uphill.

On reaching the junction with the Chiltern Way I turn left and follow the way-markers around the edge of the field and into the trees of Hartmoor Wood.

On reaching a road I turn left, still following the Chiltern Way markers, and continue along it into woodland besides the road.  At the metal gate close to Ibstone Common I turn right into the Wormsley Estate, following the path downhill, when the path forks I go left on the Chiltern Way to head steeply downhill to the edge of a field of pasture.

Through the wooden gate I turn right to follow the path by the edge of the field and then after crossing a track enter another field of pasture.  This leads to a tarmac estate road that I cross to enter another field.  The path now heads diagonally downhill to a kissing gate to another estate road where I turn right and then quickly left, still on the Chiltern Way.

Walking along the tree lined path I come to a fork in the path and take the left, still on the Chiltern Way, and I am soon heading up a steep wooded path through Blackmoor Wood.

On reaching the minor road I cross and follow the Chiltern Way towards houses.  Where the Chiltern Way goes besides houses I turn left to follow the gravel road through the edge of the common, apparently in the past this was an open area, but now is covered in trees and shrub.  This leads to a road where I turn left besides the village green with attractive houses dotted around it.

Passing a pond I fork right on the road and then take the road, Holloway Lane, signposted to Turville. This is a narrow lane, the hedgerow is full of blackberries slowing our progress as both dogs frequently stop to sample the summer fruit.

As the road becomes tree lined I take a path on the left running parallel to the lane.

I keep to this path ignoring footpaths to the right and left until I reach a track with a junction of paths. I take the path heading northeasterly and continue straight on at a crossing of paths.  After crossing a driveway the path soon reaches the edge of the trees and heads uphill towards Manor Farm. It then skirts the edge of woodland before entering trees to reach a churchyard.   I leave the path to wander across to look at the small church of St Nicholas.

Leaving the churchyard by the tarmac lane I head up the hill to the edge of Ibstone and then turn left along the road to wander back through the village to Cholsey Grange.   I have been out for a couple of hours and covered six miles on a number of paths I have not previously walked; it has been an interesting circuit on a warm afternoon.

To view this 6 mile walk on OS Maps Click Here

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West.

20th August 2018

© Two Dogs and an Awning (2018)


  1. Johnny

    Aww. This is just the kind of motivation I need to take my own walks serious. Good thing I stumbled on this blog post. I’ve noticed your walk progress and it’s really amazing, I must say. Just keep it up because many of us are inspired by it.

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