Walk 2,018 Miles Challenge – Day 74 Update

After 74 days of my walk 2,018 mile challenge in support of the Trussell Trust I have covered just over 400 miles. Our travels have now taken us to the Cambridgeshire Fens so the walking is on flat, but muddy tracks. Hopefully the weather will soon improve!

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I have never been one for making New Year resolutions. If you are intending to start or stop something I can see no point in doing it on the first day of the year. However, taking on a new challenge is something different!

This website is all about walking and caravanning, rather oddly for a man who loves a spreadsheet I have not previously kept a record of the distance I walk. So when, over Christmas, I saw the stream of people signing up to take part in the Walk 1000 Mile Challenge I considered adding my name to the list. But 1,000 miles works out to be less than three miles a day and I know that I already walk that on my daily walk with the dogs.

This would not be a challenge for me, so what are the options? Obviously it needs to be achievable and also a test. Whilst I enjoy long walks, it is not practicable for me to devote the time everyday to trek 10 miles. Whilst semi-retired I still have commitments that restrict my walking time and during the winter months the limited day light makes fitting in a long walk far more difficult.

Finally I arrived at a figure of 2,000 miles, after announcing this on social media someone helpfully suggested it would be good if I added another 18 miles and walked 2,018 miles in 2018.

It was our daughter, Lolly, who suggested I raise money for a charity at the same time as undertaking the challenge. For many years we have supported the  Trussell Trust. This Salisbury based national charity makes a real difference to those within our society living in poverty and has a network of foodbanks.

I usually walk at around 3 miles per hour, equating to nearly 700 hours walking and 2,018 miles is close to walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats and then back again! I think this ticks the box as being a challenge!

To manage the fundraising I have set up a  JustGiving Page and donating through this site means the money goes direct to Trussell Trust.  A big thank you for all those who have generously supported my efforts

My progress can be followed here and on social media, on Twitter (@2DogsAwning) and Facebook (@TwoDogsandanAwning).

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