The White Hind

I am still struggling with the pain in my heel, the restrictions on my walking are becoming tedious, but I know I need to rest it to give it a chance of recovering.  I do not want to be limited in my choice of walks in the Yorkshire Dales come September.

Today’s short stroll is a route I have covered previously, however, it justifies another blog if only to share some photographs of the wonderful Chiltern countryside.  I leave Cholsey Grange CL by the gate at the far end of the site beyond pitch 5 and  turn left on the footpath to head downhill into Twigside Bottom.

At the foot of the hill I turn right to follow the sign directing towards Fingest.  Walking in the Chiltern Hills is made easier by the clear way-markers painted on trees and I follow these as the path continues through the woods.

I ignore the first footpath on my right but take the next on the right that heads through a gate to go uphill towards Ibstone House.

I am in no hurry and spot a herd of deer emerging from the woods above me.  Nothing unusual about this, until I spot the White Hind.  I caught a glimpse of this deer last year, but haven’t previously seen it so clearly or had the opportunity to take a photograph.  I am still a long way off but wary of trying to get too close with the dogs.

Eventually the herd senses our presence and returns to the cover of the trees.  It is a cracking afternoon and I stop to admire the view behind me.

Further up the hill there are more deer in the field to my right.  These are closer and watch us attentively as we pass.

After going through a gate I continue on the uphill track in beech trees and then at the top of the hill emerge through a gate and turn right along the road besides the wall of Ibstone House.

Just in Ibstone, where the road forks, I take the footpath over a stile on the left, crossing the pasture I see a clump of mushrooms, or are they toadstools?  Another nature topic to add to my list, I should be busy this winter brushing up on my knowledge.

Entering the trees I turn right and follow the path through the woods eventually emerging on the lane by Hellcorner Farm, I turn right here and walk back past Ibstone Common and then down the drive to Cholsey Grange CL.  Although I have not gone far, the sight of the White Hind has made every painful step worthwhile!

To follow this route on OS Maps Click Here

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map – 171 Chiltern Hills West


15th August 2017

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