Sweltering in the Chiltern Hills

The weather continues to be stiflingly hot in the Chiltern Hills.  I am not a creature who enjoys very hot weather, I like it warm but once it gets near 30 degrees that is too much for me.  I am well past the age for sitting in the sun to get a tan.  I did in my younger days, but now worry too much about the damage I may have caused to my skin so I am rarely seen without a hat, long sleeved shirt and trousers.

Yesterday I ventured out for a ten mile walk with Crosby.  We headed across to Christmas Common and enjoyed a section in shady woods.  When we left the woods Crosby was very reluctant and unusually for him tried to walk in any available shade.  I ventured out with four litres of water. Two for me and two for Crosby and we consumed it all.  It was a walk we have done before, details of which can be found here.

Today we were up early and out for a few miles before the sun gave too much heat.  But come late afternoon Crosby is keen to set off again. We head downhill along the track that leads onto the site and follow it around the field to join a footpath and turn right.  After entering Penley Wood I turn left to follow the path along the bottom of the valley.  

After crossing a stile I turn right and follow the farm track around the edge of the field to reach a stile besides a gate.  This track leads up to stables at Coopers Court Farm and a few yards after the stile I turn left to join the Chiltern Way and follow it as it follows a fenced path and then goes alongside the edge of fields.

After passing through a belt of trees I go along the edge of a field to reach a fork in the path.  I stay close to the hedge line on a track that leads to the driveway to Studdridge Farm.  I cross the track and go along the edge of a field to reach woodland.  Here I follow the way-markers to reach the Ibstone Road.

I cross the road and follow a path along a track leading into the Wormsely Estate.  This track heads steadily downhill to an estate road close to Wellground Farm.  I turn left and follow the road through the Estate.  This becomes a track and then when it forks I go left.

The path heads steadily uphill through the trees of Commonhill Wood.  This is a long steady incline and on a hot afternoon the shade is welcome. 

I keep with the path as it continues uphill to reach a gate and turn right to reach Ibstone Common.    The recent extreme hot weather has parched the grass on the Common and even though it is past 5pm the heat of the sun after being in the shade is overbearing.  I cross the common to pass the large Millennium stone.

After crossing the cricket field I head back down the driveway to Cholsey Grange.  I have covered just under five miles which has been quite enough in this heat.

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West

You can view this 5 mile walk on OS Maps and download the GPX File Here

10th August 2020

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