Room Hill from Exford

Today I am going to jam about from Exford.  It is an area I haven’t walked much before so I am off to explore.  I have a rough idea for a route, but it may well change as I go along.  It is a benefit of walking alone, you can just go where the mood takes you.  If it turns out to be uninspiring there is no one to remind you of your bad decisions.

I leave the car park via the footpath at the far end of the parking area and head in a south-easterly direction along the edge of a field following the route of the River Exe.

At a junction of paths I turn left on a path signposted to Higher Combe.

I am now heading east along a track and keep going in that direction when the path enters a field of pasture.  

The path crosses a footbridge over a stream in a band of trees.

On the far side of the stream I head uphill across a field to join a track close to Higher Combe. I turn left and continue uphill.

At a junction with a minor road I turn left and follow the lane to a road junction with a B road at Rock Bungalow.  I turn right and follow this lane for two and half miles to reach a turning on the right to Kemps Farm.  Here there are two bridges across the River Exe, I take the one on the left and follow a track with the River Exe to the right.

I stay with this path to a junction of tracks near West and East Nethercote.  Here I take a Permitted Footpath towards Room Hill.

I keep with the path as it hugs the river.

At a junction of paths I turn left following the way markers for Room Hill, this path ascends steeply.  As the path emerges from woodland there are stunning views back into the valley.

I am now on open access land but follow a well walked path across the summit of Room Hill heading towards Room Hill Road.  Near the road I turn right to follow another clear path heading north on the route of the Exe Valley Way, this is a long distance 52-mile path from Exford to Starcross where the River Exe reaches the sea.

The views from this hill are stunning and get even better as I follow the Exe Valley Way to Road Hill.

I am heading towards a line of Beech trees that are bathed in sunshine though the sky ahead is dark and as Christopher Robin would say “Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain”.

After passing the trees I get a fantastic view of Dunkery Beacon to the north in front of me.  It is a while since I have been there and must visit it again before too long.

After passing along the edge of a field the Exe Valley Way turns left through a gate and descends towards Court Copse.

The route is now very straightforward keeping with the Exe Valley Way as it follows a clear path towards Court Farm.

At Court Farm I have an option of routes, but decide to keep on the Exe Valley Way, which soon reaches a junction at Monk Cross and then descends on a road into Exford where I turn right to cross the bridge over the River Exe.

I follow the road the short distance back to the car park.  My route has covered just over 9 miles, there has been more road walking than I planned, but it has been compensated by the stunning views from Room Hill.  

To follow my walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer OL9 – Exmoor

You can view this 9 mile walk on OS Maps and download the GPX File Here

10th October 2020

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