I wake up and find it difficult to get out of bed. I ache all over. The exploits of yesterday have taken their toll. Followers of this blog will know that I walk a reasonable distance everyday, so I can only imagine how those that tackle the three peaks without doing any preparation must feel afterwards.

We agree that a relatively restful day is required. I do some work, it is not all holiday you know! Later we head out for a wander around Settle and take the dogs for a walk. Just a gentle wander up a steep lane so we may admire the views. Dexter is very approving of such a walk. It has everything he needs, especially the wander through the town bringing the bonus of discarded crusts and the like.

Settle is a cracking Dales town. Locally some refer to it as a village. But to my mind it has to be a town because it has supermarkets (Booth’s being our favourite – a northern version of Waitrose), pubs, restaurants, butchers and bakers. In fact everything barring the candlestick maker.

A lot goes on in and around Settle, we were here a couple of years ago and our visit coincided with the annual story telling festival. The local theatre has regular performances from well known names. If we did not live in such a lovely village in Wiltshire I could easily live in Settle.


13th June 2014

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