On The Move Again

After a week at Paxton House we are moving on. When we planned our travel we thought a week in each place would be long enough. We feel we could spend a month here and still not be bored.

The grounds of Paxton House are a great place to wander through in the mornings and evenings. Watching Keyhole and his family fishing and going for outings have made this a special week.

Today on my early morning walk with the boys I wander by the keepers cottage with the dog standing guard on one of the chimneys.



Then down to the River Tweed. Alongside the old boathouse there is an old store where fish used to be kept before being transported to market.



All packed up we head off, knowing that we will return.

We head west across the Scottish Border to Abbeytown in Cumbria and immediately get a different feel to being on the east coast. Another new area for us to explore knowing there is always something interesting around the corner.

10th July 2014

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