Leaving Devon

We have reached the end of this tour of Devon, it does not feel like we have been away for four weeks. We usually find when on tour that at the end of the first week we could happily return home, but by the time we are into the third week we feel like continuing non-stop. That is how we feel now, if I did not have work commitments we might look for somewhere to stay to extend this trip, but unfortunately it is not possible.

By the magic of technology I can do most of my work whilst travelling, but occasionally I need to have face-to-face meetings with clients. Whilst away we can do most things without too much bother, but one thing that always causes me consternation is getting a haircut.

For many years I have used the same barbers in Salisbury, but occasionally whilst away I have to venture into unknown premises and put my head in the hands of a stranger. Last week I decided my hair was almost in my eyes and ventured off to Exmouth to find a barber.

The internet is a wonderful tool when you are a stranger in a town. I soon discovered that in one establishment I could expect the full male grooming experience! That sounds expensive and Lynnie might be suspicious if I returned to the Coachman and told her that I had been fully groomed. Almost all the barbers listed seemed to have odd jokey names. I like my barbers to be traditional, so it was to Glover’s I headed.

Glover’s is my kind of barber. A family business with the current owner telling me his great-grandfather started the business over 100 years ago and not much has changed in the shop since. When I mentioned that I had found the shop on the internet he was astonished. As far as he was aware Glover’s had no listing on the world wide web. Anyway it was a fascinating conversation, a good hair cut and all for the price of £6.50 (which was not the pensioners rate!). Glover’s is about ninety miles from home, but at that price I might become a regular!


We will be home for a few weeks and then off to the Yorkshire Dales. A favourite of ours and we are looking forward to returning to Brigholme Farm CL on the outskirts of Settle.


25th April 2016
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