Ingleborough Revisited

After our week in Richmond we have moved a little further south, but remain in the Yorkshire Dales. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Scar Close CL and will definitely be returning in the future. Our current location is a familiar pitch to us at Brigholme Farm CL in Giggleswick.

Past readers will know that we are regular visitors to this site that is within walking distance of our friends in Settle. We have already been here for a couple of days this trip and until now I have done familiar walks in the local area. Today we are heading off for my favourite walk in the Country; it is one that I have done a few times already this year. Regular blog readers will have already guessed that we are heading up Ingleborough.

Our walk starts from Clapham having parked in the Yorkshire Dales National Park car park.  Leaving the village the route enters the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, we pass Ingleborough Cave and then climb through the dry gorge of Trow Gill.


Arriving at the top it is a steady ascent along a rock-strewn path. After going through the wall gates we continue towards Gaping Gill veering off at a junction to avoid the pothole and heading straight up Little Ingleborough.


It is a steady climb to the peak of Little Ingleborough and well worth stopping to admire the views at your back.


The well-defined route continues to the summit of Ingleborough. This is a wonderful place, I have lost count of the number of times I have been here but reaching the top always feels very special. Today we are fortunate; despite low cloud we have reached the top at a time of clear visibility and get to appreciate the stunning views.


We take the rocky route of the Three Peaks path towards Horton. There are stunning views across to Pen-y-Ghent in front of us and to our right in the distance Pendle Hill.




We pass through a section of limestone pavement and soon after at a crossroads of paths turn right towards Clapham. After going through Sulber Gate we walk alongside the stunning Crummack Dale.



The grassy path leads towards Thwaite Scars and after passing through a couple of gates joins Long Lane. There is a choice of routes here, we take the path to the right and re-join the trail through the Ingleborough Estate.


Back in Clapham there is a Heron in the river that seems quite oblivious to our presence, clearly the focus is on getting some food. Talking of which it is time for us to head back to Settle, we have plans to pop up to The Talbot for a pie and a pint this evening. The perfect end to a perfect day!

8th October 2015

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