Frogmore Creek

It is a stunning, spring morning blue skies with the odd patch of white cloud and a slight chill to the air. As I take the dogs for their early morning walk I notice the progression of the hedgerow flowers in the last few days. Nature is such a wonderful thing, a few weeks ago everything was still dormant and within another couple of weeks it will be an abundance of colour.

What could spoil this excellent start to a day? Litter! Why do folk think it is acceptable to throw packaging, cans and bottles into the hedgerow? I have a Victor Meldrew “I cannot believe it” moment when I spot a filled plastic bag and can by the roadside. I cautiously pick them up to dispose of them back at the site.

The drinks can is for a product known as “Monster Energy”, according to the blurb on the side you can, I quote Tear into a can of Monster Energy, the meanest energy on the planet. It has the ideal combo of the right ingredients in the right proportions to get the job done like only a monster can. Monster has an intense but smooth flavour. Athletes, musicians, road warriors, metal heads, geeks, hipsters and bikers dig it you will too. Unleash the Beast!

I read every word on the can but cannot see where it says that consumption allows you to be an ignorant bastard. I begin to doubt the manufacturer’s claims, as their product evidently does not give the consumer the super powers required to discard the can in an acceptable manner. Worryingly this can is part of a multipack, which cannot be sold separately. In all likelihood the rest of the cans in the pack are littering hedgerows elsewhere!

Following yesterday’s, according to Lynnie, challenging jaunt, she has assumed planning duties for today’s excursion. I know this is likely to mean a walk of about six miles with an absence of steep hills; however, trying to plan a walk in South Devon without hills is a difficult task.

Our jaunt starts at West Charleton, where we park close to the church and then wander down towards the village. On reaching the A379 we pick up a path on the opposite side that runs parallel to the road and then take a footpath sign to our right leading down a lane.


At a footpath sign we turn left leaving the track to follow a path across a couple of fields and then take a well defined path up across a field before joining a track at the top. This is the location for a beacon built by the village to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium.


Our route continues along the track in a southerly direction to Frogmore Creek, here it turns heading through fields alongside the creek. This is another of those cracking little spots, as we walk we get glimpses of the creek, the sun is shining and sheltered from the wind it is really warm. In sharp contrast to Dartmoor yesterday.


Arriving in Frogmore we turn right and walk through the village besides the A379. Our destination is the bridge and slipway at the head of Frogmore Creek. This is a pretty spot the tide is out and boats are left high and dry on the mud banks.


Shortly we resume our wander by walking back up the road, a number of locals are making their way to the village pub. It is good to see a village pub being supported; at home there are not many that bother to open their doors on a Sunday evening.

We leave the main road by a lane to the right, within a few hundred yards this has turned into a steep uphill track (Lynnie obviously failed to spot this when planning the walk!). At a junction of paths we ignore the turning to the left and keep straight on.

On reaching a narrow lane we turn left and walk along the tarmac passing Bowden Farm. Lyn spots a photo opportunity where a roadside water trough is home to some plastic ducks.


At Bowden Cross we turn left and follow this lane all the way back to West Charleston. My Suunto Traverse says that we have covered close to five and a half miles. A very pleasant Sunday afternoon outing, but I feel the need to add a few more miles to tomorrows walk!

To view this walk on OS Maps Click Here

To follow this walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Map OL20South Devon


17th March 2016

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