Blowing Out The Cobwebs!

Back in Taunton and the Unicorn is safe on its storage site. There remains a possibility that we might fit in another trip before the end of the year, but for the time being we have nothing planned. It is an odd feeling driving away from the Unicorn, it has been our home for most of the last six months. I am not sure an inanimate object can look sad, but there is a sense of melancholy emanating from it as we lock the door and drive away.

Lynnie and I have had a chat about the blog, originally it was a way of recording our travels with no intention of it continuing afterwards. But due to the numbers regularly looking at it, added to our wish to explore the area around us in Somerset and further afield we have decided to continue blogging our walks etc.

Today the weather forecast is for very strong winds. We have risk assessed our walking options and decided that the safest place to be is on top of the Quantock Hills, here we should be safe from debris falling from trees.

We park in the car park close to Wilmot’s Pond. Opening the door calls for caution, the wind is really howling up here and there is a definite chill factor. We start off towards Wilmot’s Pond, immediately grateful for full waterproof gear. It is not raining but it is a biting wind.


From Wilmot’s Pond our route takes us to the nearby trig point, standing at 1,174 feet, this is not quite the highest point on the Quantock Hills that honour goes to Will’s Neck (1,266 feet) further long to the east.


We take the path towards Halsway Post and continue along the broad track to Bicknoller Post.


Walking takes real concentration, the wind is incredibly strong and we are heading in to it. It is remarkable how difficult it becomes walking with such a constant buffeting. The dogs love the wind blowing in their ears and Dexter is bouncing about like a puppy.


From Bicknoller Post we continue to the clearly defined trig point on the hill in the distance. More challenging walking and when we finally reach there we are treated to some stunning views out to sea and along the coast. We are now 1,017 feet up, and getting the full force of the wind as it blows in off the sea. Lynnie has to use the trig point to keep her balance!


Our return route is back along the broad track to Halsway Post and then the left fork that leads back to the car park. Walking with the wind at our back makes the going much easier. This has been a cracking walk and has certainly blown out the cobwebs.

Just as we get back to the car it starts to rain, soon it is pouring this has happened to us a number of times during the summer. Someone up there must be keeping an eye on us.

21st October 2014

[To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 140 –Quantock Hills and Bridgewater]

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