Autumn in Adcombe Woods

Regular blog readers would be forgiven for thinking that the only walking we have been doing in Somerset is on the Quantock Hill’s. However, since putting the caravan in store and taking up temporary residence in Taunton I have returned to a working life. As a consequence the dogs and I have been having a number of evening walks around the local streets (poop bags at the ready!). Interspersed with these have been frequent trips to Staple Fitzpaine and Corfe to cover previously walked loops.

Today we are off to Corfe again. Since the last time I blogged this walk autumn has set in. A quick run through of the route for new readers. Park in a parking spot alongside Corfe church and then walk back through the village to the White Hart pub, here turn left and follow the road down to Pitminster. Just after passing the village sign turn left up the lane and walk past a couple of farms. Ignore all of the footpath signs and keep on the main tarmac track. At the end of the tarmac fork left and follow the grassy track up hill.


The track soon becomes a stony path (be careful when it is wet because water runs down here and the rocks get very slippery) taking you into Adcombe Woods. Keep on the main board path climbing steadily up hill. Eventually you reach a gate that brings you to a tarmac lane. Turn right here and follow the road back down through Adcombe into Corfe. Make sure to stop and admire the stunning view!


On meeting the main road turn left and walk along the pavement back to the church. As mentioned this has become a stock walk, it is only ten minutes drive from Taunton, and can be easily accommodated into a working day.

Today on returning to the car park we decide to look around the church. The Church of St Nicholas was rebuilt in 1842, originally being a Norman church. It has an unusual round window on the west side and an attractive door arch.


Inside it is a beautifully kept church and despite our boots being clean we hardly dare wander in. The modern stained glass window facing south is really striking.


22nd November 2014

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