Another Route on the Quantock Hills

Today’s walk takes us onto the Quantock Hills for a pleasant loop that starts along the broad track from Frog Hill towards Halsway Post. Halfway to the post we turn right taking the track that leads to Higher Hare Knap, again halfway along we take the smaller path on the right leading gradually downhill along the top of Frog Combe.



At a junction of paths we turn right and head down to where Holford Combe, Lady’s Combe and Frog Combe converge. From here we head up Lady’s Combe crossing the stream, so we climb with it on our right. At the top it is another turn right to join the road and walk to Dead Woman’s Ditch and from there our route is the broad stony track on the right taking us back to the car park.

Our walk has been over an hour and as per usual we have not seen a soul! It is a cracking autumn day and we are amazed at how quiet it has been.

10th November 2014

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