A Wet Day By The Sea

Today is the last full day of this brief trip and heavy rain showers are forecast for later, so I wait for the awning to dry out and take it down. I manage it just in time; before the first of the storms blows in. There is nothing worse than trying to dry out a wet awning when back home. When we are touring its never a problem, as it is always back up within an hour or two, but trying to dry it at home is always a challenge.

It soon turns into one of those days when only the hardy and dog owners go for a walk. The clouds over the South Downs look menacing so we decide the most sensible option is to walk another section of the South Coast. This time we start east of Worthing in a large car park just off the A259 by Lancing Beach Green.

As I get out to buy a parking ticket it is blowing a gale, but fortunately not raining. I sensibly decide to don full waterproof clothing, its not raining at the moment but it soon will be! Lynnie decides that a shower proof pair of walking trousers is sufficient, I think this might be fool hardy but she is old enough to make up her own mind!

Walking across Lancing Beach Green towards the colourful beach huts we turn left and walk eastwards with the wind at our back pushing us along. This not the most scenic bit of beach we have walked but it is interesting to see the Nature Reserve at Widewater Lagoon.

The waves are being whipped up; we have rarely encountered rough seas during our travels.

We have been on a concrete path but now have to cross a section of shingle beach before reaching a walk way, the odd shower is at our backs but nothing too dramatic. As we reach the West Breakwater of Shoreham Harbour the waves are lashing against the wall.

Around the corner is Shoreham Fort. In the 1850’s there was concern the French might launch an invasion on this stretch of coast and it was decided to construct a Fort here to protect the harbour and cover any potential approach.

Just as we start to explore around the fort it starts to rain hard and we decide it is best to turn around and head back westwards. With the wind and rain in our faces it is tough going and I am glad of my full waterproofs. Meanwhile Lynnie announces that her supposedly showerproof walking trousers are letting in water!

It is just over three miles back to the car and the rain drives into our faces all the way, it is extremely bracing and for the last mile or so it is very dusky. Roll on springtime!

You can view this 7.5 mile walk on OS Maps and download the GPX File Here

[To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Map OL11 – Brighton & Hove]

17th November 2016

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