A Stroll to Chillington

After a couple of weeks at home we are away in the caravan again.  This time we are heading west to Hill Farm CL close to Hinton St George in Somerset.  This is an area I have wanted to visit for some time because my Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was born in Hinton St George in 1817.

We receive a warm welcome from Donald  the site owner.  It is our first visit here but it feels like we are longtime friends.  It does not take too long to set up and we’re soon lacing the boots up for a short stroll from the site.

Leaving the site by the pedestrian gate in the south west corner we join a footpath and head downhill to cross a brook and then enter pasture fields.  

Keeping the hedge line to our right we head steadily uphill to reach a gate.  Here we follow the footpath across an arable field to reach a minor road, Nash Lane, where we turn left.  In a couple of hundred yards at a crossroads we carry straight on, now on Fisherway Lane.  This soon starts to head uphill to reach houses in the hamlet of Higher Chillington.  On reaching a junction we turn right with extensive views in front of us.

We are now on Coley Lane, it is odd how being so far inland the roads around here have fishy names.  After a third of a mile on this lane we reach a junction.  We continue straight on along Lambert Lane.  This lane leads us to the village of Chillington where we turn right to reach St James Church.

This church originates from the 13th century  with modifications in the 14th and 15th centuries.  It then underwent restoration in 1842 and 1909 .  We are unable to go inside but it has an interesting exterior.

From the church we follow a footpath sign up a lane between the church and the Old School House.  This lane leads to a field which we cross heading north.  After passing through a kissing gate we follow the footpath downhill, with a hedge to our right to reach a farm driveway. Here we turn right crossing a stream and then head uphill on the drive to reach Nash Lane where we turn right.

After a third of a mile on Nash Lane we reach a point where footpaths go to the right and left.  We take the path on the left which goes up steps in the roadside bank to reach a stile into a field.  

We head east across the pasture field to reach a crossing over a brook.  On the far side we continue uphill to cross a field heading for the barns at Hill farm. 

Besides the barns we go through a gate.  Before heading back to the caravan we take a look at the old hay rake that stands close to the barn.  

Our evening stroll has covered 3 miles and it has been good to get a feel for this area.  Now it is time to look at the map and plot a walk to Hinton St George in search of some family history.

You can view this 3 mile walk on OS Maps and download the GPX file here

To follow my walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 128 Taunton & Blackdown Hills

7th September 2020

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