A Rapid Circuit in Atholl Woods

The weather forecast is not great today but there is a promise of it improving as the day goes on.  When we told a friend we were coming this way they said be sure to visit a certain outdoor gear shop in Perth.  If there is one thing Freddy’s like it is an outdoor gear shop.  My favourite is Cotswolds, their customer service is outstanding, but I like to look elsewhere to see if there are any particular bargains on items that I don’t really need but suddenly have a desire to purchase.

We make an unproductive trip to Perth; there were plenty of things I could buy, but no real bargains, perhaps I becoming more selective as I get older! From Perth we hop onto the A9 and make the easy run to Dunkeld.  We know we can get a good walk there and after an disappointing shopping trip I feel in need of a good stretch of the legs.

We start the walk from the Cally car park at Atholl Woods.  We were here a couple of days ago when we walked to Loch Ordie via Deuchary Hill.  We have decided to do a circuit around the woods covering part of the route we walked a few days ago, but this time the other way around.

We start by taking the path towards the back of Cally Sawmills; this is a pleasant walk between the trees. I suggest to Lynnie it would be good to walk at pace and she has gone off like “The Human Bullet”!  Dexter is trotting along besides her and Crosby and I struggle to keep up.

Soon we are alongside Polney Loch.  This really is a stunning Loch.

On reaching the road we turn right, soon rising above us to the right is Polney Crag and we catch glimpses of climbers scaling the rock face.  This is something that I have never felt the desire to do.  We leave the road, taking the track to the right heading steadily uphill.  At this speed it doesn’t take long before we are through the trees and reach the area where trees have been felled giving great views over the River Tay in front of us.

After going through a gate we carry on along the track and then turn right onto another track at a marker post.  This path leads uphill and heads towards woodland.  Passing through another gate we reach an area of recent felling activity.  The way marked route follows the main path.

We reach another gate with open moorland to the right, the track continues, the area to our left has been recently cleared.  Through another gate we start to descend, this is a cracking spot with the heather in flower.

After yet another gate we meet a junction of tracks and turn right along the edge of Mill Dam.  This is the area where we previously saw signs of beaver activity.  Last time we walked away from Mill Dam on the track we have just come along, but today along the waters edge we can see that the beavers have been hard at work felling trees.

Mill Dam is another stunning Loch, we are surprised to have it to ourselves.

At the junction of paths we keep straight ahead, soon going through the gate by The Glack, and then continuing along the track.  The views here are cracking.

The route is now very straightforward, we stay on the main track all the way down to the junction close to the Cally Car Park where we turn right back to the car, easy to describe but a good couple of miles walking.  The walk has covered close to seven miles and we have done it at pace, not that we normally walk slowly, but today we have pushed ourselves.  It has been a cracking couple of hours.  I am really enjoying this bit of countryside!

To view this route in OS Maps Click Here

To follow this walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 379 – Dunkeld, Aberfeldy & Glen Almond

4th July 2017

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