Visiting Hanger Wood from Cholsey Grange CL

Whilst studying the Ordnance Survey map yesterday evening I spotted a path through nearby Hanger Wood I have not previously walked.  Obviously this oversight needs to be rectified as soon as possible.  So this afternoon that’s where I am heading.

The first part of the walk is a familiar route; I leave the caravan site by going through the gate at the far end and turning left onto the footpath to head downhill into the woods.  At a junction of paths I turn right to follow the clear waymarked route through Twigside Bottom.

I stay on this route ignoring paths that head to the left and right.  Once again it has been drizzling most of the day, but at the moment it is dry so pleasant walking conditions.

I stay on the path until I reach Chequers Lane, a minor road at Gravesend, here I turn right and then within a short distance take a footpath on the left.

The path leads steadily uphill; as I ascend there are fine views of the valley.

As the path enters Hanger Wood it is still going up.  This is another cracking section of woodland.

On reaching a junction of paths I turn left and then at the next junction almost double back on myself following a path to the right.  This footpath follows the edge of the woodland.

Staying on the path I am soon above Hanger Farm, here the path sweeps to the right and descends steadily towards Fingest.  I ignore a footpath on my left leading down a track and go through a gate to enter the edge of pastureland.

This leads to a fenced and then hedged path that emerges back onto Chequers Land near to Fingest church.  I turn left towards The Chequers Inn.

At the road junction in front of the pub I turn right and follow the church wall.

As the road sweeps to the left I take a footpath on the right leading besides a property to reach a junction of paths.  Here I turn left and soon cross a minor road and continue on a path under Turville Hill.  After going through a kissing gate I follow a path across the Downs. On the hill to my right is Cobstone Mill which has featured in a number of films including Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

At a junction of paths I turn left into Turville and then turn right to walk by the church and then stay on this minor road as it heads out of the village.  Shortly before reaching Turville Valley Farm I join a bridleway on the right that runs through woodland parallel to the road.

After crossing a minor road I continue through Turville Wood and then as the path forks go right to head steadily uphill on a track.

This soon enters a fine avenue of beech trees and carries on up to reach a tarmac lane.  I head along the lane, passing Hellcorner Farm to reach Ibstone Common.  After passing the Cricket Pavilion I cross the road and return to the caravan down the driveway of Cholsey Grange.  It has been a cracking afternoon to be out, my walk has covered just over seven miles.

You can view this 7 mile walk and download the GPX File Here (Subscription to OS Maps required)

To follow my walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West

12th August 2019

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  1. Trudie Mann

    Ah I miss walking from Cholsey, it’s got to be on the agenda next year!

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