Sunshine After the Rain at Cholsey Grange CL

After nearly a month at home we are back on the road.  Following a trip away I often struggle to adapt to home life.  It’s not that I don’t like being at home, it‘s great to catch up with friends, but I do enjoy the simplicity of life on the road.  Our pitch for the next few weeks is on Cholsey Grange CL in a cracking area of the Chiltern Hills.

Soon after our arrival yesterday, whilst putting up the awning, there was a serious downpour.  I find it unbelievable that the heavens opened after months of hot, dry weather just as we were in the midst of getting the awning up. However, the storm cleared quickly enough for me to take the dogs out for a walk in the woods without getting wet.  Today it was absolutely stunning whilst out for our early morning amble, the sun was shining and I thought we were in for a cracking day.

Soon after returning from my walk the rain started, after a couple of hours of persistent rain I am lacing up my boots and heading out with the dogs.  It is tempting to go for a long walk, but there will be plenty of opportunities over the next few days, so I decide on a walk I have done several times previously.

I leave Cholsey Grange through the gate at the far end of the caravan site.  Joining the footpath I turn left and walk downhill into the bottom of the valley and then turn right to walk through Twigside Bottom.

There are options to leave the path to the left and right but I ignore these and carry on as the path leaves the trees.

Shortly before reaching a road I turn right following the path uphill.  On reaching a stile I cross and turn right to follow the road for a few yards before crossing and going through a kissing gate to enter the downs above Turville.  I am besides Cobstone Mill (which I have written about in previous blogs).  It always strikes me as a pity that such a cracking building is not more accessible, however, it is the owner’s prerogative to seek privacy.

From the downs there are great views over Turville and the surrounding valley.

I follow a southwesterly route diagonally across the downs, gradually descending to go through a kissing gate and then carrying on downhill to reach a junction of paths.

I go slightly right through a gate into woods and then gradually climb uphill to reach another kissing gate.  Around the gate are ripe blackberries, just at the right height for Dexter to pick a few for a snack. Crosby is a bit more circumspect and waits for me to pick a couple and feed them to him.  I follow the fence line uphill and then along the top of a field.

At a junction of footpaths I turn right heading uphill through the woods and then at another junction of paths I turn left to walk through Beech woodland.

On reaching the road I turn right and walk uphill, following the road as it sweeps to the right. Shortly before a road junction I take a footpath on the left that crosses a stile then a field before entering woods the path eventually climbs to reach a road by Hellcorner Farm.

Here I turn right to follow the lane past Ibstone Cricket Ground and then down the drive to Cholsey Grange Farm.

We have covered just over five miles at a good pace and it has been thoroughly enjoyable to be back in the Chilterns. At the Coachman Lynnie is worn out, she has been watching the European athletics all afternoon, cheering on her favourites is hard work!

To view this 5 mile walk on OS Maps Click Here

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West

10thAugust 2018

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