Cobwebs In The Mist

A damp and misty autumnal day and Lynnie declines the offer of a walk, so the boys and I head off for the Quantock Hills. Parking at Dead Womans’ Ditch (as per usual) we head off to repeat our walk of a few days ago (Signs of Autumn blog).

It is amazing how a change in the weather conditions can make a place feel so different. Walking through the trees in the thick mist there is an air of mystery (no pun intended) and it is easy to imagine Iron Age man wandering in these woods. Of course, our long distant predecessors would not have had the benefit of Gore Tex jackets to keep out the wind chill.


As we come back into the open there is one of those sights that always amaze me. A thick network of cobwebs, on the gorse bushes and in the grass, highlighted by the damp mist. It is hard to imagine just how many spiders are living here and not a single one can be easily spotted. The thing that also astounds me is that the webs are always around, but normally not so clearly visible and passed without a second glance. Today I stop and take the time to appreciate such a wonderful sight. It is stunning, truly unbelievable!

(29th October 2014)

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