Catching Up

After our months of travel we are going to have a few days back in Pitton. Our final day on the road and it is time to sort a few things out around the van. During the day I amble off with the boys a couple of times for a mooch about. The woodlands close to the site are a great place to wander and are surprisingly quiet. I do not meet a soul.

We have decided that for the next leg of out tour we will dispense with the full awning and instead make use of the porch awning. The hassle of trying to handle the larger awning when wet plus the extra weight means that it will be left in our “lock-up”. So after sorting that and packing up for the move we pop over to Lolly and Toby’s for one of Lolly’s excellent home made chicken pies.

After a steady journey back to Pitton we are soon pitched up at Whitehill Farm. The boys immediately know where they are and are keen to get out and run around in familiar territory.

The few days back are very busy, trips to the Dentist, getting the Doctor to look at Lynnie’s now black thumb and getting Crosby to the Vet for his annual injections. Alongside this there is a lot of catching up to do.

On Wednesday we spend a lovely evening at out neighbours Val and Alan’s along with our other neighbours Roger, Caroline and Joyce. We are so lucky to have neighbours who are really good friends.

A few months ago Lynnie was talking to Mandy and suggested that whilst we were back we went to see the Jersey Boys at the Mayflower in Southampton. Stuart and I leave the girls to arrange everything all I have to do is book the restaurant for the pre show meal. We duly arrive at the Piccolo Mondello in Southampton and place our order, I remind the waiter that we are off to the Mayflower and will need to be out in just over an hour. He says that The Lion King has been very popular, we know this has been on recently. At this stage Mandy checks the tickets, we are on the right night it’s definitely a Thursday, but the date is wrong it says Thursday 6th August and today is Thursday 7th August. Then they notice the year, the tickets are for 6th August 2015! An easy mistake to make, but Stuart and I are glad it is not one that we made! Instead of rushing our meal we have a leisurely time catching up. We know where we will be this time next year!

The next few days are spent catching up with lots of friends and sorting through things to put into the lock–up. We are still shedding stuff from the Unicorn! It just goes to show how few clothes and other bits you need carry when you are touring.

By Monday morning we are both worn out and ready for the next stage of our tour. This time we are heading into Wales, but along the way we have a few nights in the Forest of Dean just outside of Coleford.

5th to 11th August 2014

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