Back on the Quantock Hills

After a trip to London the desire to get out for a good walk in the open countryside is strong. There can hardly be a greater contrast than wandering along the Euston Road and walking on the Quantock Hills. Starting from our usual car parking spot at Dead Woman’s Ditch we head towards Dowsborough Hill Fort.

Walking up the side of the hill to the top of the Iron Age hill fort the signs of autumn are well set in. In the last week the trees have done a good job of shedding leaves, a few leaves still hang on determinedly, but it will not be long before the trees are bare for the winter.


The view from the top of the fort is, as always, stunning. I have said it many times before but the only blot on the landscape is Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.


We follow the path downhill and head towards the cairn on the hill top in the distance.


It is a cracking autumnal day, still a bit of warmth in the sun. It is a treat to be out, as is common there is not a soul about and it feels like we have the whole of the Quantock Hills to ourselves. From the cairn we continue straight on to follow the broad path that turns into a track as it skirts Woodlands Hill. At the gate at the bottom we meet the lane and turn left towards Holford.

At the grassy island we keep left and walk along the lane which leads us to Holford Combe. Regular blog followers will know that this is one of my favourite areas of the Quantock’s. As usual the tranquillity of this combe encompasses us as we walk along the streamside path, a beautiful spot. Out of the breeze and in the sun it is pleasantly warm.


At the head of this Holford Combe is Frog Combe and Lady Combe. Herein lays a challenge, so far our walk has followed known terrain. So being true to our aim of always exploring a new section of the Quantocks we fork left to Lady’s Combe and within a few yards take the track on the right. This is a good climb up through the trees and takes us up Frog Hill.


Emerging out of the trees we continue upwards until a crossroad of paths. Here it is a left turn to take us back along the stony path to Dead Woman’s Ditch. What a cracking walk, it beats going to London any day!

[To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 140 –Quantock Hills and Bridgewater]

31st October 2014

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