A Jaunt Through Twigside Bottom

After my early morning stroll with the dogs it is time to check that all is okay with our fellow caravanners. This is not an arduous task, consisting mainly of chatting to make sure that everything is okay. During our travels we have found that CL owners have differing approaches. Some leave you to get on with it and frankly only seem interested in ensuring that you pay, whilst others impart local knowledge and information and are attentive without being intrusive.

We know from staying on Cholsey Grange that Ted and Jackie fall into the second group. Always available if you need some advice, visible on the site everyday but also leaving folk to get on and enjoy themselves. To supplement their knowledge there is a bag full of information that makes its way from van to van. The system works well.

It’s another warm day and I have a bit of work to do so it is into the afternoon before we head off for a walk. Lynnie is not over keen on walking on hot days and I am constantly reminded that last year we chose to walk up Skiddaw on one of the hottest days of the year! So a meander through the woods seems ideal.

We leave Cholsey Grange via a gate at the far end of the site (beyond pitch five) and join the footpath. Here we turn left and head down hill into the woods. At the junction of footpaths at the bottom of the hill we turn right and walk along the foot of the valley through woodland. There is an incredible number of Grey Squirrels in these woods and their constant darting across the tracks keeps both dogs alert whilst on their leads.


Our route is straightforward, after about a mile we take a footpath on our right that heads up hill through a gate, the path is fenced on either side and after a few hundred yards passes through another gate to enter woodland.


One of the aspects of walking in this area is that you suddenly encounter short sharp climbs. It is good for the heart and the calf muscles. On reaching the road we turn right and after passing Ibstone House we take a footpath on the right that crosses a field before entering Parsonage Wood.

After about twenty-five yards there is a junction of footpaths and we turn right to follow the main path as it leads through the wood with a final steep climb to Hellcorner Farm. On reaching the tarmac lane we turn right and follow this past the cricket ground to the drive of Cholsey Grange.

Another good stroll that has covered just over three and a half miles. Just enough for Lynnie on a very hot day!

9th August 2015

[To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West]

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