A Circuit to Leygrove Wood from Ibstone

A feature of the last week or so has been the way that the weather has been stunning first thing in the morning and then as the day progresses has become overcast and dreary.  Not what you expect or hope for in late August.  I take the view that whatever the weather there are still great benefits from getting out for a walk.  So with waterproofs packed into my rucksack I head off mid afternoon with Crosby.

I leave Cholsey Grange by joining the footpath at the southern side of the site and turning left and following it downhill into Twigside Bottom.  On reaching a junction of paths in a clearing I turn left.

Within a couple of hundred metres at another junction of paths I take a way marked footpath on the right that heads steeply uphill through the trees.

Emerging from the trees I follow the path as it heads around an arable field.

In the next field the path goes across towards houses in the distance.

On reaching a minor road, Chequers Lane, I turn left and walk to the junction of the B482, Marlow Road, and turn right and then very quickly take a left turn to join another minor road, Bigmore Lane.

I stay on this lane, passing the entrance to Bigmore Farm on the right and then Gibbon’s Farm on the left.  As the road bends to the left I take a footpath on the right that is just off of the entrance to Dell’s Farm.  This fenced path leads besides a house and then turns to head towards Leygrove’s Wood.

There is an abundance of blackberries growing besides this path so persuading Crosby to keep moving is a challenge.  After walking between fields the path briefly runs besides the trees before entering Leygrove’s Wood.

At a crossing of paths I turn right to follow way markers through the trees.

The path emerges from the trees to cross an arable field towards Pound Wood.  At a junction of paths in the woods I turn right to follow a track heading steadily uphill towards a tunnel under the M40.

On the far side of the tunnel I follow the track up to the B482 and turn right to join a pavement and pass a school.  I now cross the road and walk across a green and follow the lane into Cadmore End.

After passing the church I turn right on a footpath along a track heading out of the village.  At a junction of paths I turn left to stay on the track as it heads downhill to reach the edge of Hanger Wood.  Just as I enter the trees the path divides, I take the left fork that follows the edge of the wood.  I walked this path a few days ago and it is a cracker.

Staying on the path I am soon above Hanger Farm, here the path sweeps to the right and descends steadily towards Fingest.  I ignore a footpath on my left leading down a track and go through a gate to enter the edge of pastureland.

This leads me to a fenced and then hedged path that emerges back onto Chequers Lane near to Fingest church.  I turn left towards The Chequers Inn.  At the road junction in front of the pub I turn right and follow the church wall.  As the road sweeps to the left I take a footpath on the right leading besides a property to reach a junction of paths.  Here I turn right and follow the path through trees.

At a junction of paths I turn right and go downhill to meet a footpath that runs along the foot of the valley.  Here I turn left.

Staying on this track, I ignore paths to the left and right until I reach the clearing in Twigside Bottom that I visited at the start of my walk a couple of hours ago.  Here I turn left and follow the footpath back uphill towards Cholsey Grange.  On the way I encounter deer grazing on the path ahead of me.

Back at Cholsey Grange my walk has covered just over seven and a half miles and despite the predicted rain showers I have stayed dry.

You can view this 7.5 mile walk on OS Maps and download the GPX File Here (Subscription to OS Maps Required)

To follow my walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 171 – Chiltern Hills West

19th August 2019

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